KC Cat Clinic

7107 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64114



KC Cat Clinic is pleased to provide you with a variety of forms that can simplify the process of caring for your pet.  Just select from the available forms below.

  • New Client Information Welcome! We're looking forward to meeting you and your cat! 
  • Boarding Admission Form  Cats don't like to leave home. Please be sure that you have cleared boarding with a doctor before scheduling. We have a wonderful list of cat sitters.
  • Required for Drop Off Questionnaire   Please be as thorough as possible filling this out. The doctors really want to know things like how did it start, how often things happen and what does it look like!
  • Hospitalization-Treatment Authorization You can also save some time by filling this out ahead of time at home. Don't forget to give us best contact phones and answer all the questions.
  • Surgery-Anesthesia Form  Same as above. Don't forget the contact info and phone numbers!